Good Times!

When I am an old man, these are the days I will look back upon fondly. Every day seems to be an adventure. Since my relocation to Oregon in early April, an adventure in and of itself, I have had the opportunity to shape the vision of what I want to work towards and how to do it. To catch y’all up, I have made a list! (I like lists)

1. Pork and Company As many of you know, I am starting a new company! It’s called Pork and Company. The goal is to create valuable content and help promote small business owners from around the country. Each day I get closer to the launch, I get more excited about what’s in store. Pork & Co. will be writing articles, publishing images, making lists (of course), that help people engage with the world around them. Topics covered will include Art/Design, Lifestyle, Business, Tech, Music, and Travel. I mention this venture because in order for Pork & Co. to be successful, I can’t go it alone. I am looking for people interested in contributing articles, photographs, videos, illustrations, etc… to this new media outlet. If you have a story you want to share and need a platform or know of something we can write about, send me an email and we’ll get to talking. I am developing compensation packets for people interested in helping out with this project. I have got some amazing people on board right now and would love to have more talented individuals join the team. Hit me up at if you’re interested in joining the team or have some ideas to share!

2. Chris Yankey (the website) I started this blog a few weeks ago and have been overwhelmed by the response. It has been awesome getting to have conversations with friends, family, and others about things that came up on here. I am excited to continue working on this site and posting on relevant topics (always game for suggestions as well). I am about to embark on some adventures and will be sharing some cool stuff on here and through Pork and Company (links to come). Thank you so much for engaging with this content and for the many shares I have received as well! I am glad that I am able to bring something valuable to the table. Also, I will be getting into a schedule here pretty soon, so you can expect to see a little more consistency in the posts (trying to take my own advice on productivity). Thanks again for the warm welcome to the blogging world. I look forward to many more conversations in the future.

3. Life, in General It is pretty crazy to think that in just a few months I went from working part-time at a grocery store in North Carolina to starting my own company in Oregon. This is not a testament to my own awesomeness by any means. It is a testament to the graciousness of my family, friends, and Creator. God has given me so many amazing opportunities and my family has been nothing but supportive. Though there will always be struggles, I have so much to be thankful for.

4. Travels As I mentioned previously, I am embarking on an adventure in a few weeks with my friend Jordan. We will be traveling from Portland, Oregon to Kansas City, MO, making stops at National Parks, craft breweries, coffee shops, and anywhere else worth stopping. We will both be documenting the journey and writing about some of the places we visit. Follow the journey on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with us! I am excited to share images, stories, and reviews for y’all on the new Pork and Company site (opening before the trip) as well. Also, if you know any places in Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, or KC that we should check out, leave it in the comments below! I am always up for recommendations.

2 thoughts on “Good Times!

  1. You should go rafting in Moab, Utah! There are so many fantastic National Parks in Utah that I won’t list them all but I recommend Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, and Arches.
    Enjoy your trip and I can’t wait to see your updates! :)

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